Group Classes
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From puppy to adolescent classes we'll guide you and your furry pal to a happy life together
Group classes consist of 6 one-hour sessions with a behavioral specialist in a group setting of 5 – 10 dogs. Classes are designed to teach pet owners proper training techniques, while providing a balanced social environment for each dog.
Class schedules are based upon demand and availability.
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An introductory course for the puppy younger than 5 months.  Whether or not behavioral issues are present, Puppy 1 covers basic training techniques and best practices with how to properly socialize your dog. Class curriculum consists of Basic Obedience, Behavior Modification, and Temperament Issues. Classes are held in an indoor facility, while providing a safe and clean environment. Puppies are required to have a minimum of 2 sets of shots.


An introductory course for dogs 5 months and older. The adolescent class is designed for dogs that need Basic Obedience and Behavior Modification training. Basic training is essential for your dog to help control and ease undesirable behavior. There is no age limit to enroll and class size is limited to 8 dogs. All dogs are required to be fully vaccinated and must be friendly with dogs and people.


The advanced class is open to students who have completed either the Puppy 1 or Adolescent Classes. Puppy 2 builds upon the skills developed in the introductory courses. Classes cover clicker training, safety issues, recalls with high distractions, and leash training in a practical setting. Curriculum is flexible and determined by class preferences and objectives. There is no age limit to enroll.  We recommend taking this class no more than 6 months after completing an introductory class.